About elite birdies

about elite birdies

I started my journey as a caddie in the beautiful city I call home, Las Vegas, Nevada. After a year of working at golf courses, I learned the game of golf well and found a new love for it. I was amazed by the duality of relaxation and vexation in golfing. Working as a caddie I always wanted to minimize a golfer’s frustration by being a bubbly helpful assistant. This was one of the major reasons I wanted to start a caddie company. 

As I continued to work as a caddie, the idea of an elite caddie company lingered in my mind. I loved explaining my enjoyment to my mother. Being an entrepreneur herself she asked, “Why don’t you create a caddie business at an elite level?” Thus a partnership between mother and daughter was formed and we are now able to present to you: Elite Birdies Golf Caddies. 
As mentioned this is a mother and daughter venture, where we both inspire to push ourselves to be an ELITE company. Our services are unique in the way that we value exceptional customer service skills by using knowledge of golf rules, attentiveness, kindness and class. 
We want to find Las Vegas’s finest; those who uphold these standards, to become an Elite Birdie Golf Caddie. Determined to differentiate ourselves from other competitors, we have invested time in our caddies’ professional training. We have created full learning experiences for our team of caddies so that they are knowledgeable of the game. In addition, every Birdie is provided with the cutest golf uniform, appropriate for each golf course’s dress code. All of these attributes of our company will greatly enhance any golfer’s experience here in Las Vegas! 

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Our Birdies are ready to meet you on the links for your next golf outing. From special events to bachelor parties, we do it all. 

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Our beautiful and smart caddies help make an ordinary round of golf extraordinary. Come meet the Birdies available today!

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We serve most Las Vegas area Golf Courses and Country Clubs. See where we caddie here. If your course isn’t listed, contact us.

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